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 Frontier Virtual is a non-profit organization and not affiliated with the real Frontier Airlines. 

Infinite Flight Subscription

A requirement to fly with Frontier, is that you must have an active Infinite Flight subscription.

It addition to that, you must be Grade 3 or higher to be accepted as a pilot here.

IFC Account

You must have an active Infinite Flight Community account, with your Trust Level being at or above TL1.

You must have good standings in the community to have a higher chance of being accepted.


Maturity is a key factor when choosing pilots to do flights with us. 

Not having maturity within our Slack, and other communication-related events will result in consequences will be received.



Pilots will fill out the pilot form provided, and if their application is accepted, they will move onto Phase Two.


The pilot will then continue to fill out the written test. If passed, they will continue onto Phase Three


The pilot will coordinate a checkride time with a staff member. If the pilot gets 80% or higher on the checkride, they will be accepted into Frontier Virtual.

Ready to become a Frontier Pilot?

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